Philippines Gadgets: 10 New Techs to Look Out for This Year 1

Philippines Gadgets: 10 New Techs to Look Out for This Year

Philippines Gadgets: 10 New Techs to Look Out for This Year 2

1.) FIXD

While a lot of people know how to drive, not many easily understand their car when the check engine light turns on! With FIXD, you don’t have to panic when this happens. This device plus into your car port and fits any gas-powered car made after 1996. Through the FIXD app, you can then monitor all of your cars’ status. It will tell you what’s wrong with your car, the severity of the issue, schedule maintenance, and continuously monitor your vehicle. A good way to always drive safe!

2.) Mosquitron

For the past two years, dengue has been a major issue here in the Philippines. Protect your family with this USB-powered mosquito killer. Unlike the noisy UV light zapper that electrifies mosquitoes, Mosquitron does it in a quieter, non-toxic way. It attracts the flying pests using a UV light on top. When the fliers get close, it sucks them in with a small but powerful fan, trapping them at the bottom. The mosquitoes will then die of dehydration while you enjoy a dengue-free home.

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3.) Bello

If losing weight and getting fitter is part of your new year’s resolution, Bello is here to help. This device is a handheld lipid tracker. In just 3 seconds, you get an accurate scan of your belly and visceral fat in a non-invasive and harmless way. With its app, Bello will help you manage your waistline, track your progress, and hit your goals. This is great for those wanting beach-ready bodies. But what sets Bello apart is its ability to help people at high risk to develop or have metabolic diseases to get healthy.

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4.) Kailo

Our current desk-dependent lifestyle launched chronic neck and back pain to almost pandemic levels. Pain relief patches, balms, and medicine are part of our go-to kits, but they can only do so much. Kailo is the answer to your pain problems. It uses nanotech bio-antenna that interacts with electrical signals in your body, which speedily relieves pain. No more meds or balms or one-use patches. Simply place Kailo at a spot between your brain and the area that hurts. You’ll feel the pain dissipate in seconds!

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6.) Zendure Supertank USB-C Portable Charger

Running out of battery is a huge issue especially for those who travel with their laptops. With the Zendure Supertank, you don’t have to hunt for power outlets all the time. This sleek powerbank packs a monstrous 27,000mAh that’s enough to charge a laptop! At 99.9Wh, it’s accepted onboard on most airlines. Charge larger devices like notebooks, tablets, and phones using its default 100W output. For smaller devices like earbuds or smartwatches, you can lower the output.

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7.) USB Rechargable AA & AAA Batteries

It’s 2020, and yet we still need batteries in our lives. But forget about those disposable batteries. Check out these USB-rechargeable ones instead. No need to have a separate charging case – simply plug it into a standard micro-USB charger and go! It’s perfect for your remote controls, lamps or string lights, or portable fans. You can also use it for your selfie sticks when you travel.

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8.) Print and Photography


Imagine having a printer in your pocket that can print on paper, wood, leather, cardboard, metal, plastic, and even textured surfaces. Powerful, isn’t it? PrinCube opens up so much more possibilities when it comes to mobile printing. You can affix your brand to almost anything. Sharing your designs on the go, making custom decorations – all these are made easier with PrinCube.

9.) GoPro Hero 9

From the creator of everyone’s favorite action camera, GoPro seems to be cooking up a release of the next Hero series cam – the Hero 9. As it is, the Hero 8 Black is as good as action cams can get. With TimeWarp 2.0 and HyperSmooth 2.0 being ahead of pretty much everything else in the market, what could Hero 9 have?

Experts suggest that one thing GoPro could improve its resolution and frame rates. These have remained the same in the past 3 models, so it’s about time to kick it up a notch. While there hasn’t been any formal news, it’s likely the GoPro Hero9 will be released in the 3rd quarter.

10.) iPhone 12

Like a worldwide annual tradition, Apple is releasing a new iPhone model this year – the iPhone 12. But it’s releasing not one, not two, but SIX variations of its flagship phone.

The iPhone 12 will come in the following varieties:

  • Plain – 4G with 6.1” LCD and dual cams
  • Pro – 4G and 5G versions with 5.4” OLED and dual cams
  • Plus – 4G and 5G versions with 6.1” OLED, 3 cams, and ToF 3D sensing
  • Max – 5G with 6.1” OLED, 3 cams, and ToF

Insiders say that 5G versions will have a lot of good stuff packed in, different than ones in their 4G counterparts. Let’s wait and see!


Samsung Galaxy S11

Just like it’s rival, the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy S series will have a 5G variant. As usual, there will be three models: SE, S11, and S11 Plus. It will have better battery life than the S10 and the front camera is re-positioned. 20% faster graphics with Snapdragon 865 – great for gaming! The memory is still expandable via microSD except for SE. Unfortunately, the headphone jack has disappeared. But most notably is the collection of cameras at the back. Five cameras in total!

We’ll just have to see what the final version is later this year.