Should you upgrade to the latest gadget today? 1

Should you upgrade to the latest gadget today?

Should you upgrade to the latest gadget today? 2
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        The allure of shiny new phones, sparkling new tablets, and gorgeous new laptops is indeed strong. This is especially true during end-of-year sales and start-of-year promos. As either a reward for a year of hard work or a motivator for a more productive future, a gadget upgrade is always on people’s minds. But should you do that today?

        This decision comes with so many considerations. We’ve narrowed them down to the three most important questions you need to ask yourself before deciding whether or not to upgrade to the latest gadget today.

Is it still usable?

        The most commonly upgraded gadget is the mobile phone, followed by tablets, then laptops. If you’re thinking of getting the latest version of your current ware, first, try and remember when you bought it. 

        With the level of sophistication that this generation of gadgets have, a mid-range smartphone can run very well for at least two years. Tablets are more likely to be the same. Laptops, on the other hand, can last up to five years or more – at least three with heavy use.

        Of course, product care and daily handling play a big part on a gadget’s longevity. But if what you currently have isn’t causing a bottleneck in your workflow or denying you access to essential functions, it’s better to wait before upgrading. 

        On the other hand, if your device is already too slow that it adds makes you less efficient, can’t handle the latest software updates, or isn’t supported by the manufacturer anymore, it’s time to shell out for that upgrade. But timing your upgrade is also important.

        Tech companies release a version of their flagship model every year, but usually the improvements are incremental and aren’t worth the hefty price increase. This happens every end of the year, fuelled by holiday spending. You might be tempted to buy during this period when there are lots of sales, but if you wait a few months, you can buy a more economic version packed with the same features. One such example is the iPhone and the S version.

        Some features are nice to have, but not necessary in your daily life. Do you really need two other cameras when all you really use is the front camera for video conference calls or selfies? Would having a 10-core processor and top-of-the-line graphics card make a difference when you mainly use office software, a browser, and Netflix? 

        If upgrading your gadget means eating up a huge chunk of your savings, only upgrade when your device isn’t usable anymore. But if you have unlimited funds, then go right ahead! You can also donate your old phones to charity.

Do you have the budget for an upgrade?

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        This is usually the first thing that people consider when thinking about upgrading. As devices become more powerful, their prices also skyrocket. While price can be an indicator of high quality, it’s not always the case. Moreover, other factors affect whether a gadget is worth the investment, such as:  

  • Repair costs
  • Replacement cost and availability
  • Parts replacement cost
  • Accessories costs
  • Compatibility with other devices or software

            For example, you love travelling and taking selfies. You’re thinking of upgrading your normal selfie stick to a gimbal to take more stable and more dramatic videos. You might be tempted to go for the lowest-priced ones, but before you click, think of these questions.

            Is the quality good enough to last several years? What if you suddenly trip while holding the device and it starts malfunctioning? Where will you have it fixed? Would the seller be willing to accept it back to fix? Who will cover shipping if it needs to be sent abroad?

           You might feel like you scored a jackpot by getting your very own gimbal for such a low price, but a small accident or a very short lifespan could mean having to buy an entirely new one. It’s better to upgrade to ones from trusted brands like the DJI Osmo Mobile have physical stores here in the country for easier support. Their products are known to last several years and withstand different conditions. They also have compatible accessories that’ll make you enjoy your gadget more.

How urgent is the need?

Should you upgrade to the latest gadget today? 5
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            Now that you’ve established what kind of upgrade your budget can get you, the final step is determining whether or not you should do it today (or anytime soon).

            Let’s say your gadget broke and now you want to replace it with an upgraded version. The main question to answer is: do you really have to right now? Let’s break this down:

  1. Do you use the gadget everyday?
  2. If you can’t use it for a day, would your productivity be severely affected?
  3. Is your or your loved ones’ health or safety at stake if this device is missing?
  4. If your current device is still working, will upgrading have a lot of impact in terms of your efficiency and general well-being?
  5. Will it open more opportunities for work and personal improvement?


            If you answered “yes” to at least 2 questions from 1 to 4, then it really is necessary to upgrade right away. But if you’re dealing with something that isn’t urgent, maybe hold off for another time.

            For instance, if you’re a social media planner that travels a lot and your phone slows way down, it would severely affect your workflow. You need to get a new and faster one to keep up with your pace and improve your service. On the flip side, let’s say you’re a bookworm with a huge paperback collection and a trusty e-reader. If your e-reader breaks down, you still have piles of unread books left to read. As long as reading books isn’t your livelihood, and you don’t go out to read, then getting a new and latest e-reader can wait.


            In this age of rapid technological advancement, a gadget upgrade is as regular as welcoming a new year. But this doesn’t mean we have to have the latest products right away. Knowing your needs and your budget will help you make better purchases and save money.